Global Perspectives on Anti-Feminism: Far-Right and Religious Attacks on Equality and Diversity.

CímGlobal Perspectives on Anti-Feminism: Far-Right and Religious Attacks on Equality and Diversity.
Közlemény típusaKönyv
A kiadás éve2023
SzerzőkGoetz, Judith, and Stefanie Mayer
Oldalak száma352
KiadóEdinburgh University Press
Kulcsszavakantifeminizmus, genderellenes diskurzus

10 chapters from five continents (Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, Africa) provide a global perspective on current anti-feminism and anti-gender discourses

Provides an analytical understanding of anti-feminism as an intersectional ideology between continuity and change, with a conceptual framework of analysis and a comparative perspective on common global trends as well as regional/national specifities

Shows how discourses originally developed in the Global North/West are re-articulated in different national (including post-colonial) contexts, promoting an understanding of the entanglements between global and the local

Presents new perspectives and information on different world regions, opening up new angles in research on transnational anti-feminist networks and the global spread of anti-gender discourses

Provides a solid basis for further research in local, national and regional contexts

This new book brings together research and analyses from five continents in order to promote a global perspective on the thoroughly global phenomenon of the current culture wars around sex and gender. The contributions show how transnational networks spread discourses that were developed in the Global North, and how they become re-articulated in different national, political and religious contexts.

In recent years, issues of gender and sexuality have become a political battlefield on which far-right, religious and conservative actors wage their war against liberal and left-wing ideas, as well as emancipatory movements. 'Anti-Gender' crusades, which had originally been launched by the Vatican, deeply impacted societies and politics especially as these discourses were adopted by the secular far-right. Campaigns against sexual and reproductive rights, against gender equality and sexual diversity were waged from Russia to the United States and from Latin America to Japan.